EasyYouTubeDownloader v1.0

EasyYoutubeDownloader is a free tool to download videos from YouTube and save them to your local computer.

YouTube Downloader

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YouTube Downloader

You want to view the video on a mobile device or phone such as an iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3-player ,MP4-player ,Zune ,PSP just use EasyYoutubeDownloader and get your files.
If you have got a slow internet connection and want to view youtube HD video, which causes buffering delays while streaming video, you are able to download them and watch them without any problems at your home.
You want to archive some great videos on youtube and don't want to loose it if it gets removed, just use this tool to download any youtube video you want.


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Special YouTube Tool

TubeNator Custom Made Super YouTube Bot v1.04

YouTube Commenter Tool

This is our private updated version all features working again !!!
A basic overview about this tool:
It allows you to LIKE YOUR OWN COMMENTS to the top of any youtube video, it allows you to MASS UPLOAD, MASS DOWNLOAD, like your own videos, comment on your own videos and much more cool features!


Rank Checker
Video Scrapers
From top lists
From keywords
From channels
About to go viral
Fully customizable settings
Account Checker
User Scrapers
From comments
From friends
From subscribers
From any page
User filters
Filter by: friend count, subscriber count, video upload count
Video filters
Filter by: views, favorites, ratings and comments
Mass Downloader
240, 360, 480, 720 and 1080 support
YouTube Tools
Comment Obfuscator
Video Tools
Give likes, dislikes, favorites, friend requests, subscriptions, etc.
Comment Rater
Proxy Scraper
Account & Proxy Binder
Avatar Uploader

We fixed the comment rater finally too !!!!

YouTube Commenter Tool

TubeNator (Custom YouTubeGrabber Elite Version) Comment Rater

Woaaaah!! Great to push your comments up! Great for advertising!
Comment Rater Honestly there's not much you could write about this tool.
This tool is a great way to advertise whatever on videos which allow comment rating, it allows you to input your accounts, select a comment and then rate the comment to the top of the video, this gives it maximum exposure to the viewers of the video and that means you get a hell of alot of views.
It really is that simple!

YouTube Commenter Tool

Tubenator Video Tools (Custom YouTubeGrabber Elite Version)
You'll need these tools!
Best youtube video tools! Now these tools allow you too a few things, lets begin with rating your own videos, you input your user accounts, select "rate" then decide whether it will be "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", I don't recommend selecting thumbs down for your own videos.
There you go, now Tubenoia will cycle through every account and every video url you provided and thumb them up or down(depending on your selection), on all accounts, for example if I input 100 accounts and 3 videos and select thumbs up, it will give each video 100 thumbs up!
Not only can Tubenoia do that, it can also allow you to mass comment on all of your videos, giving realism to each of your videos! Select the accounts, input the video url and select the comments, done! So simple and yet so effective.
TubeNator also allows you to favourite, subscribe and add as a friend! Honestly I love this tool!


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How To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube Grabber, a tool for ripping content off of youtube and save it on user's computers.

- Download videos and extract the music from YouTube in HD.
- Extremely easy to use
- Free YouTube Downloader YoutubeGrabber lets you easily download videos from YouTube and convert them to viewable video formats for your desktop, tablet, or other mobile device.
- It supports output to AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, MP4, and many more formats. If you want the ability to save and view YouTube videos while offline, this is the tool to use.
- Free YouTube Downloader YoutubeGrabber is simple. Grab the URL of a YouTube video, paste it into Free YouTube Downloader, choose your output format and preferred video quality, then click Download.
- That's it. You can even save in high definition HD (720p or 1080p).

This particular software's benefits aren't limited just to YouTube!
Yahoo and google Online video, Metacafe, Movie Container, MySpaceTV, along with similar sites can now have their freely distributed videos downloaded and also converted available at the same time.
YouTube Grabber acquisitions files from YouTube with. FLV, MPG, MP4, AVI file format. Backup and paste the actual URL of a video via YouTube in to the software, press "grab", and the file is going to be downloaded into the same directory as the program.
Great job!!!! You have just found the Trick in order to Download almost any YouTube Video you prefer and perform it anytime you need. Appreciate all your completely new video clips.
Computer software: A top quality YouTube record ripper software package is certainly the ultimate way to Download YouTube Videos.Do you think about that you may download multiple videos simultaneously and convert them into useful video file types. Generally, you will need a individual conversion program, but this kind of YouTube download program has both features built-in. I would recommend this system if you want to get multiple videos and also convert them directly into usable video forms.

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